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Let’s Draw Merlin!

So you guys have probably already seen the letsdrawsherlock project, right? (the inspiration for which was actually this post)

In case you haven’t, the premise is simple - a bunch of artists start with the same rough sketch as a base, and use their own creativity/style/etc to create an illustration. The resulting drawings are then compiled into a huge collage.

WELL, I think it looks super awesome and fun and I definitely want to do it but… I don’t really want to draw Sherlock. Because as much as I love Sherlock (which is an entirely reasonable and moderate amount, actually) my love for Merlin burns with the fires of a thousand suns.


And so~ any Merlin fans out there that would be interested in this? If yes, please respond to this post and we can figure things out from there. Even if you’re not an artist yourself, please reblog to spread the word!

I have high hopes for this, so I have pre-emptively poached the letsdrawmerlin username. An alternate way to show your interest in this whole business would be to follow that blog or send in an ask!

So. Any takers out there?

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    I’m a little rusty on my drawing abilities, but this sounds like fun!
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