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So I was going to design a phone case for myself, but then I went way overboard with the merch -_-; So if anyone’s interested, here’s my society6 link!

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PLEASE, PLEASE signal boost this. This is something that concerns any person who has a regard for women’s health, and their right to choose. This concerns any person who believes that a women should have a right to decide about their own body.

This is what Republicans have done to act against a woman’s right to an abortion through state laws passed. ALL of these are Republican-controlled states elected back in 2012. This is what has happened in less than a year:

(Reminder that ALL of these clinics provided other women’s care and reproductive needs aside from abortions. They were not solely abortion clinics)

  • Texas: 42 clinics open prior to anti-abortion bill, 5 clinics open after bill (37 closed)
  • Wisconsin: 4 clinics open prior to anti-abortion bill, 2 clinics open after (2 closed)
  • Mississippi: 1 clinic open prior to bill, none available after bill (no clinics left in state)
  • North Dakota: 1 clinic open prior to bill, none available after bill (no clinics left in state)
  • Alabama: 5 clinics open prior to bill, 2 clinics open after bill (3 clinics closed)
  • Virginia: 20 clinics open prior to bill, 4 clinics left after bill (16 clinics closed)
  • Ohio: 12 clinics open prior to bill, 8 clinics left after bill (4 clinics closed)
  • North Carolina: 16 clinics open prior to a MOTERCYCLE SAFETY BILL (BIG WTF?!), 15 of those clinics are in danger of being closed, with only one left standing

American women right across the States in Republican-controlled states are increasingly being denied their constitutional right to an abortion, not to mention their own health care needs and reproductive needs.

Each closure represents taking away a women’s ability to choose for HERSELF about her reproductive rights. ALL of these closures happened in Republican-controlled states, passed by a Republican-controlled House.

There are now TWO states in the US where women there have no access to a safe and legal abortion. And in all of those states above, there will be hundreds of thousands, if not millions of women who will be forced to travel hundreds of miles to get access to a safe and legal abortion.

That isn’t even mentioning the needs of these women to have access to reproductive medical aid. This happened in just ONE year. Imagine what else Republicans can do to further restrict a women’s constitutionally protected right to an abortion in another year. NONE of these bills helped women’s health. NONE of these bills did anything to actually improve women’s standards of care. ALL of these bills restricted a women’s right to an abortion. ALL of these bills will now force desperate women to potentially get a back-alley abortion, putting their lives at risk.

This is horrific.

This doesn’t only apply to women - plenty of trans people are affected by these closures as well. Regardless, this video does a good job showing how the Republicans’ war on reproductive rights is going.

Government agents from A Vague Yet Menacing Agency were in the back, watching. (x)

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First let’s be clear about this.

“Unemployment” does not refer to people too lazy to work or to the losers who have failed to secure an available job.

What unemployment means is that there are no available jobs. It means that X number of people are being denied work. The unemployed are not those who refuse work, or who do not seek work, or even those with poor “job-seeking” skills. The unemployed are that percentage of the population whose right to earn a living is being denied to them. The 7 percent or so unemployment rate we have had in the years following the crisis year of the Great Recession refers to the percentage of the work-force for which no jobs exist to seek, to find or to fill.

This is why the better measure of unemployment is the ratio of job-seekers to job openings. That ratio has not sunk below 3 to 1 since the Great Recession. That means that if in a single miraculous instant, every mismatch of geography, skill-set and pay-scale were met and every job opening were filled at once, then two-thirds of our unemployed would remain unemployed. And at that point there would be no reason for any of them to send out résumés, brush up on their interview skills, or do any of that other victim-blaming make-work we expect them to do, unpaid, until such time as someone deigns to allow them to earn a living again.

I prefer that ratio as a measurement of unemployment because it proves — proves — that all of the moralizing lectures levied at the unemployed are cruel and absurd.

Unemployment is ‘evil,’ the ‘opposite of just’ and ‘a real social disaster’

Everyone must read this.

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This this this.

The way society treats unemployment is like bringing 10 hungry people together, putting out 2 apples and waiting to see what hapens. Then, after the two people fastests/strongest/closest to the apples have eaten, they turn on the other 8 and ask “Why haven’t you eaten?”, “Are you too lazy to eat?”, “Do you enjoy being hungry?”, “I’m sure you could have gotten that apple if you had tried harder”. Conveniently forgetting that there wasn’t enough food made available in the first place.

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